Writings by Transsexuals

Too Radical: The Writings of Riki Anne Wilchins
Seven prose works and eight poems by one of the finest transsexual writers I know.

Trance-Sexual: The Writings of Rachel Pollack
Two important essays on the spiritual dimensions of transsexuality by this award-winning writer.

Enlivening Power of Darkness: The Writings of Susan Stryker
Two brilliant performance pieces by Ms. Stryker, exploring aspects of transsexual embodiment.

"The Transsexual Sweatshirt," from Deborah Feinbloom's Transvestites and Transsexuals
Feinbloom's 1976 book contained this remarkable meditation on authentic personhood by an anonymous transsexual woman. Her analysis is as relevant today as it was three decades ago.

Building Bridges by Jenny Roberts
Ms. Roberts' thoughtfully describes how transwomen can find acceptance within women's spaces.

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