Enlivening Power of Darkness:
The Writings of Susan Stryker


Historian Susan Stryker is probably best known to many readers as the editor of Gay by the Bay and the Transgender issue of GLQ. But she is also the creator of some remarkable performance pieces that deal with transgender theory, sexuality, gendered bodies, and much more. It is a privilege to present two of these works to a wider audience. In the audacity of their ideas and the visceral power of their imagery, these works confirm Ms. Stryker as one of our most gifted transsexual writers.

The Surgeon Haunts My Dreams
This provocative series of fantasies surrounding sex reassignment surgery examines the eroticism at the core of transsexual desire. "The Surgeon Haunts My Dreams" was originally published under the title "Pre-Operative" in TNT, Spring 1996.

My Words to Victor Frankenstein Above the Village of Chamounix: Performing Transgender Rage
Ms. Stryker explores the evolution of her own feelings about transsexual embodiment and ultimately reclaims the word "monster" (!) for herself and for any transgender persons courageous enough to follow her path. A challenging but rewarding work, "My Words..." first appeared in Volume 1, #3 of GLQ.

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