Mr. Bellringer's 2006 Revision of a
1994 Vaginoplasty by Dr. Seghers.

These photographs of genital reconstruction following initial vaginoplasty and the accompanying narrative were kindly provided by a transsexual woman from Canada, who wrote as follows:

"I traveled from Canada to England to have this surgery performed because I was so impressed by photos of the work of Mr. James Bellringer. My revision was performed at Charing Cross Hospital in London in March 2006. My original result from 1994 was a mix of good and bad. The sensation was good and I could achieve orgasm quite easily, but the cosmetic appearance was poor. I don't have a photo, but it looked very similar to the other results by Dr. Seghers on Anne Lawrence’s web site. A large amount of erectile tissue was left behind and both corpora cavernosa had to be reduced by Mr. Bellringer. There was a clitoral structure under the skin, but it was not visible to the eye. Now that has clearly changed, thanks to Mr. Bellringer. No labia were created in 1994, but Mr. Bellringer did a labiaplasty during the revision as well as creating a visible clitoris and removing excess material. I am still orgasmic, I look natural in the vulvar area, and I feel better than ever. My confidence has improved tremendously.

"The cost of the revision was very reasonable, far more affordable than it would have been with any of the American surgeons. I believe that the results are also better than I would have gotten from any other surgeon. I think the quality of Mr. Bellringer's work speaks for itself, especially considering that you are looking at revised work. The staff at Charing Cross Hospital took excellent care of me and Mr. Bellringer was friendly and clearly concerned about my situation. I am very pleased with him and with the results. I recommend Mr. Bellringer to anyone who is looking for convincing as well as functional results."

This photo and the one immediately following were taken about 7 weeks after surgery. The patient described the prominent pink tissue in this photo as mucosa that Mr. Bellringer had used to create the labia.

In this photo, I’ve labeled the structures. The patient wrote, "The clitoris is above the pink tissue. I am hoping that with time the pink structure will become smaller, it may still be swollen."

This final photo was taken about 6 months after surgery.

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